Tuesday 22 November 2011

UoE Part 4

Use of English Part 4 - Sentence Transformations consists of eight separate questions, each containing a lead-in sentence, followed by a 'key word' and a second, gapped sentence. It is worth spending some time practising sentence transformations because you can get up to two points for each correct answer.  If you only get part of the answer correct, you can still get one point.  There are 16 points available in this part of the test - the other parts of Use of English are only worth 10-12 points for each part.

The more you practise, the more you will be able to identify exactly what the question is testing you on.  Here are some reminders and tips to help you with Use of English Part 4 - Sentence Transformations:

I have been driving much longer than Mark.
Mark hasn't been driving for __________________ me.

  1. The answer ALWAYS consists of between TWO and FIVE words.
  2. Contractions count as two words e.g. don't = do not.
  3. Do not change the form of the key word.  It must be exactly as it appears in the question.  In the example above, NEARLY must appear as NEARLY in the answer.
  4. UoE Part 4 tests your grammar and vocabulary knowledge.  When you read the question, think about what type of grammar or vocabulary it is testing.  Sometimes it can be both!  What is the example question above testing?  (Continue reading for the answer)
  5. Always write something.  Remember!  You can still get points if your answer is only half right!
  6. Here is a list of some of the language points that cause most problems in UoE Part 4 (this is not a complete list of everything in the exam):
  • comparison/superlative structures
  • active/passive structures
  • direct/indirect speech
  • conditionals/hypothetical situations
  • verb patterns (gerund/infinitive)
  • phrasal verbs and collocations (e.g. adjective/verb + prepositions)
  • perfect tenses
Good luck with your studies!

Did you work out the answer to the example question?  It is testing your knowledge of comparative structures.
I have been driving much longer than Mark.
Mark hasn't been driving for nearly as long as me.

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