Tuesday 31 January 2012

Listening Part 1

In Part 1 of the listening test you will hear people talking in different situations.  You will hear either a monologue or a short discussion.  There are 8 multiple choice questions, each carrying one mark and you have to choose the best answer. 

There are different types of questions that test your ability to understand the general idea of the conversation, such as HOW people are feeling, WHAT their opinions are, WHERE they are and WHO they are speaking to.

There are DISTRACTORS in this part of the test.  This means you may hear words or expressions that are in the question.  This does not mean that it is the correct answer and you should listen carefully for key words and expressions to help you decide on the best answer.  Here are some ideas to help you with this part of the listening test:
  1. Predict the content of the conversation by reading the main part of the question and underlining the key words.
  2. Read the options and think about the similarities and differences between them.  This will help you listen for key information.
  3. Focus on each conversation as you hear it.  Do not look back to the previous question or forward to the next question.
  4. Decide on one option after the first listening.
  5. Use the second listening to check your answers.
  6. If you're not sure, use a process of elimination to make a guess.  This means crossing out the one or two you decide can't be the answer and choosing from the remaining options.
  7. Do not listen for single words.  Try to get an overall understanding of the text.
Click here for some online listening practice of Part 1 of the FC Listening exam.

If you like music, you can practise your listening skills at www.lyricstraining.com

For other websites to help you with your listening skills, click on the listening tab under General English where you will find websites that include the text to help you improve your listening skills generally.  There are also other exam practice websites for extra online listening practice.

Keep studying and practising and you will only get better!


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  1. It is very important to make listening habit if one wants to learn spoken English. It helps to let people correct their pronunciation and speak like a native speaker.