Friday, 9 December 2011

UoE Part 3

Use of English Part 3 tests your knowledge of the way words are formed in English.  This includes prefixes, suffixes and spelling rules connected with the changes.  You will read a text of about 200 words with 10 gaps.  For each gap there is a "stem" word and you have to make the correct form of the missing word.  Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Australian Aborigines are famous for their exciting stories, which are not read from a text but from their _________________.
  2. Aborigines say that the land has a gi that either likes you or makes you feel disturbed and _________________.  
What type of word is missing in each sentence?  The type of missing word is usually an:
  • adverb
  • adjective
  • noun
  • occasionally a verb
In the first example, the missing word is a noun.  Should it be single or plural?
In the second example, the missing word is an adjective.  Should it be positive or negative?
The missing stem words are:
What are the correct forms to complete the gaps?  The answers are at the end of this post.

Here are some ideas to help you complete this part of the exam successfully:

  1. Read the complete text first for general understanding.  
  2. Cover the stem words.  Decide what type of word is missing for each gap.
  3. Look at the whole sentence, not just the words before and after the gap.
  4. Check carefully whether the word should be positive, negative or plural.
  5. Read through the text and make sure that your words are grammatically correct.
  6. Check your spelling.  No points are given for misspelt words!
Click here for some Word Formation practice.
    Answers to examples:

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