Thursday 22 March 2012

Listening Part 1

In Part 1 of the Listening test you will hear people talking in eight different situations.  They can be monologues or dialogues.  You choose the correct answer A, B or C for each situation.  There is one point for each question.

  • Read the question before the options and underline the key words
  • Each question is based on a different situation
  • Focus on each new text as you hear it.  Do not look back at the question you have just done or the one that comes next.
  • Decide on one of the options after the first listening.  If you are not sure, make a sensible guess by eliminating the options you are sure are not the answer.
  • Do not listen for single words.  Listen for the general meaning.
  • If you don't understand every word, don't worry. 
  • Try to relax!
If you would like to try some online listening practice, there are lots of websites on this blog.  Here is a Part 1 listening test for you to try:

Listening Part 1

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